Anthony David King works with world renowned companies across more than 15 cities, such as Techstars, O2, Airbnb and others to reimagine, design and support their startup programmes – from incubators and accelerators to innovation programmes – to develop new ventures.

This mentoring programme, now supported by The Airbnb Startup Experience, helps early-stage startup founders and innovators in different cities around the world to develop their understanding and ventures through a themed programme. These themes are also used to support some of the best startup incubators and accelerator programmes in London, and now delivered remotely to wherever you are in the world.


The programme helps you develop your understanding and new venture through a series of 10 themes vital to your progress. These themes are:

Defining your why, identifying and understanding real problems, developing innovative and viable solutions, understanding and defining your markets, designing and developing business models, designing and developing revenue models, getting into your chosen market, knowing and getting customers, identifying your competition and differentiating yourself, developing your team.


The process is facilitated by up to two, one hour online video meetings per month on selected days and times according to your timezone wherever you are in the world. With additional email support throughout the programme and some set tasks to complete on each theme in between.

Just 12 places available.

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