Can we rethink how we learn about startup life? Airbnb is a global travel community of 4 million people. We’ve partnered to revolutionise how people from 60+ countries around the world learn about startup life. Via London’s ecosystem, trends, startup communities and innovation. With a goal of signing up people from 100 countries by 2020.


How are startups revolutionising our future? O2, Telefonica, is one of the world’s leading mobile communications brands. Their startup programme Wayra, develops companies in areas from FinTech to AI. We’ve partnered to support their new programmes and startups, and develop corporate partnerships.


How can we revolutionise how people experience music? The BPI represents British music worldwide, and runs The BRIT Awards. We’ve partnered (also with the famous BRIT School) to develop and run their new startup Innovation Hub, now one of the largest in Europe, with 40 music startups. And a goal to reach 50 million fans by 2021.


How do you launch a startup in 54 hours? Techstars runs startup incubators and accelerators around the world. We partnered to support their London incubators, Startup Weekend. Bringing together 80+ entrepreneurs, tech developers and mentors to launch startups in one weekend. With a goal to support 4 new incubators by 2022.


What are the new startups in your industry? Working with more than 80 startups in areas from FinTech to AI. We host group visits for companies and universities to learn about startup thinking and new ventures, via live interactive talks or workshop sessions. With a goal of 100 groups by 2022.


Supporting 20 startups to launch in 54 hours.


Anthony David King designs and supports startup programmes for globally renowned partners. With a mission to revolutionise the world’s human and startup experience. And share this learning with people from 130 countries by 2025.

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