An international tech hub innovator and startup advisor. Working with entrepreneurs, corporate companies and governments around the world. A believer in the Spirit within the human heart to create extraordinary things in life, and solve problems for others. And a global mission to build nations of innovators.


Founders and innovators

900+ entrepreneurs globally. Providing in-person or virtual accelerator sessions to rethink products, develop business models, engage investors, and go to market.

Tech Hub

Corporates and governments

36 corporates and governments internationally. Mentoring entrepreneurs, developing tech hubs and programmes, sharing learning and growing ecosystems.


International tech hubs and programmes


Entrepreneurs globally

Airbnb is one of the world’s largest travel experience companies, valued at £14bn. Our Global Startup Programme has supported 700 entrepreneurs from 160 cities.


European startups in Austria

The Austrian Embassy supports European startups. We’re working together to advise their 9 startups on raising investment and entering the UK market.


Startups in the UK

Telefónica is one of the world’s largest teleco companies with 300m customers. We’re resident at their tech hub, Wayra, advising a community of 30 tech startups in 3 cities.


Cyber security in the UK

National Cyber Security Centre helps make the UK safer online for its 66.5m citizens. We’re working together, with Wayra, to advise 8 startups innovating in this space.


International tech hubs and programmes


Innovators globally

Millions of people are called to build something that impacts lives. This programme will make learning the entreprenuerial journey accessible across multiple nations.


Fintech internationally

2 percent of the world’s population are homeless. This programme will explore fintech innovations that support those who are homeless, or aim to reduce it.


Foodtech in Britain

8.4m people in Britain don’t have enough to eat. This programme will explore foodtech innovations that could redistribute food to those who need it most.


Women internationally

Just 5 percent of leadership roles in tech sector are women. This programme will raise a new genration of women launch startups and build careers leveraging technology.


International tech hubs and programmes


Fintech in Russia

Russia’s largest bank is exploring banking’s future. With LBS, we co-developed a fintech programme connecting 12 UK fintech startups with the bank, over 18 months.


Fintech in Korea

The Bank of Korea were exploring innovation in banking. We established a fintech programme connecting 8 UK fintech startups with the bank, over 12 months.


Music Tech in Britain

The BPI runs The BRIT Awards and supports British music globally. We co-developed their tech Innovation Hub, connecting 43 tech startups with 22 labels, over 3 years.


AI and blockchain in Scotland

The University of Edinburgh tech accelerator works in partnership with Wayra UK. We work together to advise up to 10 AI and blockchain tech startups every 6 months.


International learning and experiences


Fintech in Africa

The bank’s Africa team invests in fintechs in Africa’s emerging market. Their team wanted to learn the strategies UK fintech’s use to enter the UK’s growing £6.6bn market.


Smart energy in Austria

Austria’s largest energy company is revolutionising their sector. Their team wanted to learn ways to redesign their innovation challenge, to invest in smart-energy startups.

Higo Bank

Fintech in Japan

The Japanese bank provides services to individuals and business. Their team wanted to learn about examples of UK fintech startups innovating in consumer banking.


Workspace in London

The global workspace company opened the world’s largest co-working space in London. Their team wanted to learn new ways to accelerate resident startups and companies.


Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco is the world’s 6th largest company. Their team wanted to learn different ways to rethink the model and approach of their entrepreneurship arm, Wa’ed.


Gov-tech in Seoul

Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to improve life for its 9.7m citizens. Their teams wanted to learn about technology used to improve every day life for UK citizens.


For international organisations


Keynote in New York

Keynote talk at Airbnb’s New York Summit, on creating new ventures for the future of the $12bn experience econemy.


Keynote in Bulgaria

Keynote talk at the European Commission in Bulgaria, on lessons from 3 innovation programmes in the UK.


Panel in London

Panel talk at Google for Startups in London, on accelerating startups with diverse founders and teams.


Session in Cheltenham

Session talk at the National Cyber Security Centre, on pitching innovations in the £8.3bn cyber security market.

Hong Kong Uni

Keynote in London

Keynote talk for a Hong Kong University visit to London, on the 3 main business models of tech companies.


Keynote in London

Keynote talk at Royal Bank of Scotland HQ, on innovating tech for social good startups. Valued in the UK at £2.3bn.

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