Access models, learn strategies, and apply the thinking from work advising and growing multiple startups, tech hubs, and ecosystems across 30 cities to grow your venture.


Advising and designing your tech hub, startup programme, and ecosystem. By working with your corporate, bank or government teams, or entrepreneurs internationally.



Designed and running an international startup hub with Airbnb. In London. Growing it to 700 entrepreneurs from 160 global cites, learning about startup growth in the UK an Europe.


Advising scale-up hub, Wayra, connecting to Telefónica’s 350m customers. Advising 20 seed-stage to series A tech startups on strategy, growth and raising investments of up to £10m.


Advising the National Cyber Security Centre accelerator hub, with Wayra. And 10 startups yearly on growing innovative tech products into the fast-growing $160bn global cybersecurity market.

AI Accelerator

Advising the University of Edinburgh AI accelerator hub in partnership with Wayra UK. And 15 AI and blockchain startups on growth and investor-readiness to raise up to £1.5m.


Advised on startup acceleration for WeWork’s London team. Advising on 4 strategies to accelerate and grow resident startups at the company’s largest co-working location in Europe.


Co-designed the music Innovation Hub for the BPI. Exploring new innovations and revenue models in the music industry. Connecting 43 tech startups with 22 music labels over 2 years.


Saudi Aramco

Designed an insights programme for the entrepreneurship team of Saudi Arabia’s largest company. Advising on growth strategies, and attracting new companies for their tech hub, Wa’ed.

Investec Africa

Designed an international insights programme for the bank’s team investing in African tech startups. Advising on 8 growth strategies fintech companies use in the UK’s £6.8bn fintech market.

Austrian Embassy

Advised the Austrian Embassy startup programme. And 15 Austrian, Swiss and German tech companies on growing into the UK market, and raising investment of £500K to £2m.

Wien Energie

Designed a startup learning and advisory programme for Austria’s largest energy company (EUR 1.4bn revenue) on growth models for their startup programme investing in smart-energy tech.


Airbnb New York

Advised Airbnb’s New York team and community on insights and strategies for developing and growing experience-based ventures for the future $12bn experience market in the US.


– Airbnb New York



Designed a fintech hub programme for Russia’s largest bank. Partnering with London Business School. Connecting 12 UK fintech startups with the bank over 18 months.

Higo Bank

Designed an international scale-up learning programme for the Japanese bank. Engaging growth-stage UK fintech startups that could also solve banking problems in Japan.

Bank of Korea

Designed an interantional fintech programme for the Korean industrial bank. Exploring new innovations in consumer banking. Connecting 12 UK startups with the bank over 18 months.

Seoul Goverment

Designed an international innovation learning programme for Seoul Metropolitan Government. Exploring UK technology ideas that could improve life for Seoul’s 9.7m citizens.

Kyushu Bank

Designed an international fintech learning experience for the banking group. Exporing scaled-up UK fintech startups with products that could support their 240 branch customers in Japan.


Designed an entrepreneur learning programme for the South Asia technology university. For international students to learn about building and working for startups in Europe, over 12 months.


UOQ Ventures

Advised University of Queensland’s Ventures in Austrialia. A programme that’s attracted $90m in investment. On how to use tech hubs to scale startups in the UK and European markets.



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