What is the future of music? The BPI represents the UK recorded music industry globally, and run The BRIT Awards. We’ve developed a new Innovation Hub: partnering innovative tech start-ups with record labels to create new audiences and revenue models.

Silicon Valley

Do you know Silicon Valley Comes to the UK? We work together on their programme that brings US CEO’s, entrepreneurs and investors to London to inspire first-time start-up founders and business students on how to build world-class start-ups.

Startup Weekend

Want to build a start-up in 54 hours? We worked with the Seattle based programme to bring together 65 entrepreneurs and developers for their first education-tech incubator in London. Mentoring 20 ed-tech start-ups to launch in just one weekend.


How do schools innovate? With the UK government’s Department for Education, we develop national innovation programmes that create new childcare models, school partnerships and education focused start-ups, for thousands of pupils and families.

Centre for London

What are London’s biggest future challenges? The capital’s only dedicated think tank brings together influential thinkers, government leaders, CEO’s and start-up founders from around the world to address this. We work together on their programmes such as Smart Cities, helping to grow their audience.

Tech City

What is the future of East London’s Tech City? We worked with Centre for London and Bloomberg to launch Connecting Tech City, a programme designed to give young people the opportunity to access work experience at new Start-ups across Tech City.


How do you sell 250 million tickets? They’re one of the world’s largest online events ticketing platforms. Since helping to launch their new London office, we’ve delivered a programme for engaging start-ups and communities in the events industry.


Who are The Art Of New Business? They believe winning new business is an art, not a science. We’re working together on a programme designed to help grow digital and creative agencies and win new business with brands.

JP Morgan

How do finance institutions innovate? Their London and New York teams partnered with Centre for London on a programme connecting global CEO’s, start-up founders, investors and politicians. We worked together to help engage this audience.

Live Talks

On entrepreneurship and innovation.

6 June 2017

University Of Arts London

15 June 2017

University of Hong Kong

19 June 2017

American Business School

27 June 2017

Brunel University

28 June 2017

Helsby High School

29 June 2017

Just Entrepreneurs

04 August 2017

Kings College London

Autumn 2017

The BRIT School


Anthony David King Ventures develops and runs venture programmes for some of Britain’s most innovative start-ups, organisations and investors. Anthony King started out in the music industry in 2001, marketing global artists and brands to 17 million fans. And discovered how innovation, partnerships and investment played a huge role in their success. So in 2011, after working with more than 100 schools, start-ups and government, he launched Anthony David King Ventures. With a mission to discover a new generation of innovators and world-class ventures that address big challenges. Today, these programmes include more than 200 ventures across 15 cities, engaging millions of people every year. In 2016, Anthony was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce for this remarkable work throughout Great Britain. And became an ambassador for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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