Anthony David King is a British innovator, representing and developing some of Britain’s most innovative ventures to address big challenges in society. By working with ambitious innovators, organisations and a group of social investors to design new business models, create partnerships and engage audiences. Anthony King started out in the music industry in 2001, marketing global artists and brands like Beyonce and MTV to 17 million fans. And discovered how innovation, development and investment played a huge role in their success. So in 2011, after working with more than 130 schools, start-ups, Silicon Valley and the government to develop new ventures, he launched Anthony David King. With a mission to make innovation and its learning more accessible for social good. This work now spans more than 200 ventures across 15 cities and impacts millions of people every year. In 2016 Anthony David King was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for this creative contribution to developing innovative ventures across Great Britain.


Anthony David King represents innovative tech ventures. Including Silicon Valley, Tech City London and Startup Weekend, the Seattle non-profit. Working with Startup Weekend to develop their education focused programme in London. Bringing together 75 entrepreneurs, tech developers and educators to create new start-ups in just 54 hours. Supporting each startup to design scalable business models. With a new goal to help develop three tech ventures that improve the quality of human life by 2021.


Anthony David King has developed innovative education ventures and partnerships with more than 175 schools across England. Many as part of the governments £2 billion extended schools investment programme. And 100+ childcare and after school services. Changing how education works across England, impacting thousands of children and families. And now advises start-ups, charities and government on developing similar ventures. With a goal to make this innovation learning more accessible in 16 cities by 2018.


Anthony David King represents and develops innovative music ventures. Including the new Innovation Hub for the British Phonographic Industry – the organisation behind the Brit Awards and Mercury Music Prize – that represents the UK recorded music industry. Building partnerships between innovative tech start-ups and forward-thinking music labels, to access new audiences and revenue. With a goal to help discover and develop the next big thing in music after streaming by 2019.


Anthony David King works with forward-thinking organisations to design and develop an innovation hub: internal units or groups created with specific objectives and activities that improves their innovation. Helping to develop entrepreneurial capacity, create a start-up culture, build the right partnerships and provide opportunities to meet and collaborate with technology start-ups. With a goal to create 15 innovation hubs across Britain by 2020.

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Working with Startup Weekend to develop new start-ups in just 54 hours.

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