How can we revolutionise how we learn about startup life? Airbnb is a global travel community of 4 million people. We’ve partnered to revolutionise how people from 60+ countries around the world learn about tech startup life. Via London’s ecosystem, trends, startup communities and innovation. With a goal of 120 countries by 2020.


How is startup innovation revolutionising our future? O2 is one of the world’s leading mobile communications brands. Their startup programme Wayra, develops companies in areas from FinTech to AI. We’ve partnered to support their programmes and startups, develop corporate partnerships and connect them to our investors.


What is the future of music? The BPI represents British music worldwide, and run The BRIT Awards. We’ve partnered to develop their new music startup Innovation Hub, now one of the largest in Europe. And build partnerships that revolutionise how fans experience music. With a goal of reaching 50 million fans by 2021.


How do you build a startup in 54 hours? Seattle founded Techstars is one of the world’s largest startup programmes. We partnered to deliver their London based incubators, Startup Weekend. Bringing together entrepreneurs, tech developers and mentors to launch startups in one weekend. With a goal of supporting 4 more incubators by 2022.


What are some of the most innovative startups in your industry? With more than 80 startups across 4 programmes, spanning 15 cities, in areas from FinTech, to music to AI. We host groups from global companies and renowned universities around the world, to learn about innovative ventures in their industry, via fascinating talks and experiences.

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