Anthony David King designs venture models and programmes for startups and organisations that revolutionise our human experience. Anthony started out in the music industry in 2001, marketing global artists and brands to 17 million people, and discovered how tech innovation and real-world experiences played a huge role in their success. So in 2011 launched Anthony David King Ventures. With a mission to use experience design and startup innovation to address big challenges and make the learning accessible to all. Today, these programmes include more than 200 ventures, from smart cities to the music industry, across 17 cities, engaging millions of people every year. As a result, Anthony has given hundreds of talks at startup events, to international universities and for global organisations on how experience design and startup innovation is addressing some of our biggest challenges in society. And in 2016, Anthony was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce for this remarkable work throughout Great Britain.

The Startup Experience*

Designed from the Silicon Valley’s programme, it’s a global experiment for 1000 entrepreneurs and students from 22 countries around the world to experience London’s ecosystem: its tech startups, accelerators and co-working spaces, with partner Airbnb.

Future FinTech*

What does new financial tech mean for banks and their customers? Future FinTech introduces revolutionary FinTech startups and their tech, like blockchain, to banks to understand their potential opportunities. Starting with Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank.


What is the future of music? The BPI represents the UK recorded music industry globally, and run The BRIT Awards. We’ve developed their new music Innovation Hub. Now one of Europe’s largest, with 40 tech startups and 20 record labels, to revolutionise music.

Silicon Valley

How can we learn from Silicon Valley? Working with their nonprofit programme, Silicon Valley Comes to the UK, connecting 300 founders and business students with world renowned Silicon Valley companies to learn how to build global ventures.


How do you launch a startup in just 54 hours? We worked together to organise Techstars first Startup Weekend education tech focused incubator in London. Engaging 75 entrepreneurs and developers. And mentoring 20 startups to launch in just one weekend.

Tech City

What is the future of London’s Tech City? With Centre for London and Bloomberg, we worked together to launch Connecting Tech City, a programme designed to help young people access work experience within London’s tech startup ecosystem.


How do you sell 250 million tickets? They’re one of the world’s largest online event ticketing platforms. We worked together to launch their London office, by showing how to engage startup communities using events and their technology platform.


What is The Art Of New Business? It’s their philosophy that winning new clients is an art, not a science. We’re working together on their programme designed to help creative agencies innovate and understand how to win new business with global brands.

JP Morgan

How can large financial institutions innovate? Their New York and London teams partnered with Centre for London on a programme to connect global CEO’s, investors and startup founders. We worked together to help engage their audience in this experience.


How do schools innovate? With the UK government’s Department for Education, we’ve developed 3 national innovation programmes to design new childcare ventures, models and experiences. Improving thousands of pupils and families lives across England.

Centre for London

What are London’s biggest future challenges? The London think tank brings together global CEO’s, government leaders and startup founders to address this. We worked together on several of their programmes including Tech City and smart cities.

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