Today, starting and running a great venture is no longer good enough. We need to innovate to stay alive and relevant. Live workshops and talks show you in one day what could take years to learn – a framework for innovation and its thinking – bringing together years of expertise, fascinating stories, real-world examples and strategies to develop new ways of working, address big challenges and turn your ideas into action plans. A valuable asset that will remain with you for life.


1. Purpose

How do you define, differentiate and communicate what you do in a meaningful way to specific groups in society?

2. Models

How do you structure your ideas into business models, design different revenue models and create the right combination for your customers, clients and audience?

3. Partners

How do you engage and work with different partners, such as industry players and venture funders, to expand what you do?

4. Impact

How do you combine your learning and experience together to do something that has a greater impact in society?


For entrepreneurs, start-up co-founders, creatives, teachers, managers, non-profits, students studying business and anyone who want develop their innovation thinking skills.


Live workshops or talks can be delivered at your location wherever you are in the world. Simply get in touch to request a workshop or talk for your event, team or group of students.


Live workshops and talks are delivered by Anthony David King, with more than 10 years experience developing some of Britain’s most innovative ventures, working with partners like Silicon Valley and designing innovation programmes for start-ups, organisations and government. This work now spans 15 cities and impacts millions of people every year. In 2016, Anthony was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce for his contribution to developing innovative ventures across Britain.


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+44 795 687 9363

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