A new campus experience.

Founders Campus introduces entrepreneurial students from universities and business schools around the world, to the real-world experience of building and working with startups, and the London ecosystem.

Learn about startup life.

Learn about the daily lives of entrepreneurs and building startups from experienced founders, investors and accelerators, who have already built innovative companies. With one day to one week-long programmes, facilitated by entreprenurs.

Build your network.

Interact and connect with experienced founders, investors and others, and access opportunities to accelerate your idea, work with startups and build your network. And participate in practical founder-led workshops to learn the real lessons and challenges ahead.

Develop new ventures.

Partner with Founder Campus for your university, college or business school to deliver the invaluable practical element of innovation and entrepreneurship programmes, for students to build their ventures and work within the growing ecosystems.

Meet the team.


Anthony is an innovator and founder of Anthony David King, developing new kinds of startup programmes for entrepreneurs, partners and tech communities around the world.


Bhavna is a creative entrepreneur and co-founder of startup MeeBox, a beauty box dedicated to nails, featured in The Times, The Telegraph, and Elle magazine.


“While lectures and readings certainly provide value for an academic and holistic approach on entrepreneurship, learning from the experience of entrepreneurs and investors, who have already accomplished the challenges that lie ahead of us, is invaluable.”

Imperial College Business School

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